Academy Volunteers

Thank you for wanting to help  at the academy. You’re part of a volunteer team  of  Co-Directors, an Academy Leader, Ghillies, Topic Instructors and Mentors. Our mission is to help students discover the wonders we experience when fly fishing.

How can you help?

  • Share your fishing skill sets that will help students from 12 – 16 years old, understand why we fish with flies.
  • Assist students with fly casting, knot tying, fly tying and river or lake fishing.
  • You can be the mentor to a young and eager to learn student that doesn’t know anything about wind knots let along how to prevent one.
  • You are key in making a student’s time at the academy a great experience.


Tying Instructors

  • Teach groups of students how to tie a specific fly.

 Tying Mentors

  • Assist students with tying flies during class and free time.
  • Bring your vise but we have  all the materials and tools.

Knot  Instructors

  • Teach  students how to tie fly fishing knots. 

Knot  Mentors

  • Help  students  tie  knots. 

Certified  Casting Instructor – Position Filled for 2025

  • Instruct our beginner and experienced students to becoming more proficient casters.

Casting Mentors

  • Assist the Casting Instructor 
  • Help teach  the basics. .
  • Intermediate students will  get into curve casts , pile casts and mending.
  • Bring your 5 wt. with floating line.

Lake Fishing Mentors  

  • Help students gear up and choose good locations to fish. 
  • Be a mentor on the water to assist students with fly selections, casting methods and techniques .
  • If you have a boat that does not need a trailer to launch, bring it and then fish along side students from your boat while they fish from their Panhandle canoes.
  • When your off duty feel free to fish our stocked private lake.

Stream Fishing Mentors

  • We travel  25 minutes from camp to pre selected local creek/river fishing locations (beats) where  you can help  students gear up and choose good locations to fish.
  • Mentor students on fishing techniques, river etiquette, how to set a hook, play a fish, land it and release it unharmed.
  • You will be wade fishing in shallow locations  and  students are restricted to wading only up to their knees with their PFDs on. 
  • Assist in showing students how to mend on moving water.

Qualification and Skill Sets

  • Vaccinated and boosted is preferred, but not a requirement.
  • You must be a Fly Fisher (non-negotiable).
  • You enjoy being in the company of kids 12-16 years old.
  • Your willing to share fly fishing tricks you learned ages ago.
  • Have a caring personality.

Endure a short Pre-Class/Event Briefing

  • Learn about student with unique needs that may be in your group.
  • Review the Emergency Plan  in case bad things happen.
  • Review the key components of our Sex Abuse Policy
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFDs /  Life Vests) Rules
  • Boat Fishing Rules
  • Wade Fishing Rules

 T.U. National Background Check required for all overnighters.

  • A short, free online form.
  • Application procedures are  available from any Co-Director

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