Donations to the Fly Fising Academy

This years program will cost $1,900 per student. That's $1,400 more than the students tuition but it's worth it.

The program has been helping students understand the aquatic world better and we've had three graduates go on to Alaska and Washington Fisheries Agencies and a recent attendee securing work with a fly lodge. Donating is worth it because the students are learning next to a private 4 acre stocked lake in the forest where they can easily explore multiple streams and estuaries to discover varied benthic macroinvertebrates and fish populations while also discovering the effects of local fish passage barriers and the impacts of humans in a watershed. So many learning opportunities within a 30 minute drive in the forest.

You are invited to visit the academy in order that you may better understand our goals. You'll also find the curriculum is so much more than showing a group of youngsters how to tie a wooly bugger or cast a fly. It's immersive, it teaches life lessons about invasive species, delves into how humans interact with nature and how the student can turn that experience into a life altering path. It's more than how to fish with a fly, it's how to be a better human because of fly fishing and isn't that why we teach the children? Donations have been vital to this program since it's inception in 2002. Know that 100% of your generous donation (minus a very small banking fee) goes directly into providing the academy. We are all unpaid volunteers and there are no administrative costs. Happy Trails and Thank You

                             Donate using the form below or mail your check to:     

John Gravendyk

Co-Director NWYCFFA   

818  291st Ave.  N.E.

Carnation WA   98014