Frequently Asked Questions

But First Meet The Staff

Co-Director Carol Anderson

Co-Director John Gravendyk

Co-Director Bruce Merighi

Camp Leader  Matt Tuttle

Has lived 42 years in Leavenworth WA and has been fly fishing around the world, since he was 14.  Retired Chelan County Fire Dist. #4  Fire Chief.  Safety Officer and Fire Science Program Manager/Instructor for Wenatchee Valley College.  Owns a Safety Consulting Company. A TU member for 17 years and Board Chair of  Education and Conservation for the Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers.  Third year serving on the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board.

Do I need to know how to swim?


The staff are all encouraged to know how to swim.  We hire a Certified Life Guard for scheduled swim times and during the required Boy Scout Swim Test in shallow water.  It’s necessary for students to know how to swim, in order to use any flotation device.  Bring a bathing suit.

When should I arrive and be picked up ?

Registration is from 3:00 – 5:00 pm on Sunday  June  18.  You’ll be ready for pickup by noon on Sunday June 25.


An Academy? Does that mean I have to sit in a classroom all day?

No Way

The Directors of the academy all  agree that your time at camp should be equitably divided into time for instruction, learning activities and time to fish.  Fishing time is scheduled every day after day one.  By the second day you should be able to cast well enough to start trying to fool fish with a fly.  FYI –  We don’t use hooks when we practice fly casting and only use barbless hooks when fishing and tying flies.  

Can I have my own room?


Accomodations are dormatory style and we also require a Ghillie in each room.

I have special dietary needs. Can I get a special menu for meals?

A Qualitative Yes

We can probably make minor changes to the menu.  We’ll need to talk well before the academy in order to work out the details.  

Do I need any other foot ware besides good shoes and wading boots?


We’ll be collecting macro invertebrates (bugs) in a nearby creek and you’ll be getting wet. So if you want to bring a pair of rubber boots that would be good.   You can also hike around the lake so a good pair of trail walking shoes could come in handy, but it’s an easy trail.  

Do my parents or guardian need to sign anything?


They need to sign your application.  They will also need to sign various releases prior to registration day.

Medical Concerns

Will the staff at the academy assist me with taking my medications?


If you take prescription medication or want to use over the counter medication you will need to self administer these items.  The staff can not administer medications to any student.  ll

What does the academy cost and how do I make a payment?

$500 is the per student cost.           

Once your application has been approved, you will be sent a notification of acceptance into the academy and a password to access the  websites Payment  page.  The red button on the Homepage header. 

There you can make a deposit (which secures a spot at the academy) and conduct other financial transactions or request financial assistance (sponsorship by a local Fly Club or TU Chapter).  

When your deposit has been received you will be  given a password to access the Library,  where you can review the schedules,  curriculum videos,  explore informational  links and use  training aids that will give you a running start on academy topics.   We also house the registration paperwork here for later use. 


The Washington State Council for Trout Unlimited and Fly Fishers International are our major financial donors for this program.  Fly Clubs, TU Chapters and generous donors contributed to ensure this academy continues to provide fly fishing experiences, resource conservation values and aquatic knowledge. The academy is an all volunteer and non profit program and it depends on the generosity of the above mentioned , to help finance the over $2,200 (per student) cost of this academy.  Our thanks to them and appreciation to you for considering our academy.

What do I need to bring to camp?

WA Fishing License 

                     12-14 years old:          No license required

                      15 years old:               License required,  purchase an Annual Combo license

                      16 years old:               Fresh water license required 

Must Bring

  1. Sleeping bag, pillow & pillow case
  2. Clothes for seven days. There is no washer/dryer available at the Academy. 
  3. Swim suit and towel.
  4. Toilet articles including soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, etc.
  5. If you take  a prescription drug or use over the counter medications , they must be self-administered.   The academy staff cannot legally provide or administer any type of medications.    Therefore, beyond first aid, emergency medical assistance will be delivered only via  emergency medical services.  The cost for such service (if any) is the responsibly of the parent or guardian of the camper requiring assistance.
  6. Eye Protection – We require the use of eye protection when casting.  We can supply the students with safety glasses or they can use their own.  Regular glasses or sunglasses will also work.    Polarized sun glasses are the best option.  They help the student see fish and makes river wading safer by allowing the user to see the bottom more clearly.  
  7. Your own Coast Guard approved – Type 3 or 5  Personal Flotation Devise  (Life Vest)
  8. Belted Chest Waders and  Wading Boots.    Hip boots are ok, but very limiting.   

Strongly Recommended 

  1. Face Masks –  For riding in vans, in very close quarters,  to off campus fishing rivers
  2. Sunscreen – in case of sunshine.
  3. Rain gear, hats, coats, warm gloves, etc., for less than perfect days.
  4. Rubber boots are recommended for times when  collecting bugs in the creek.
  5.  All fly tying equipment and materials are furnished by the academy. 
  6.  Fly rods, lined reels, leader, tippet and fishing tools are provided.  
  7.  However, students may bring their own fly fishing gear.  If your bringing your own, might we recommend.    

              Rod –  4, 5 or 6 wt.           Reel – Freshwater            Line – Floating  w/ Trout Taper