Map to the Academy

 2023 Fly Fishing Academy   June 18 – 24

Panhandle Lake

Panhandle lake

This private four acre lake is surrounded by a 100′ tall conifer forest.  A little feeder creek enters from the north and drains the lake on the southside and flows into  a small wetland nearby.  There’s non-motorized small watercraft available for students to use when supervised.  It’s stocked with trout the week prior to camp and it’s about 40′ deep.  There are usually large holdovers hiding in the depths,  if your skilled enough to hook one.  FYI   All our fishing is catch and release. 

panhandle lake view from grass

The Tying Room

Located in the Main Lodge and upstairs from the big meeting room you’ll find enough vices, tools, lights and space for everyone to tie flies.  Outside of tying classes there is always a volunteer available to help with tying challenges. The room is well stocked with fly tying reference books, tying materials of all sorts. Enough to make hundreds of flies. The students are encouraged to practice their new tying skills during free time.  Regardless of the number of the flies you tie, you keep them all. 

youth tying flies

Academy Staff

Our  TU and FFI affiliated leadership team is comprised of three Academy Co- Directors who are all devoted fly fishing enthusiasts, an Academy Leader who’s been directing this program for many years, a cadre of experienced Ghillies for girls and boys plus volunteers that keep everything running smoothly.  The staff is all vaccinated.  Volunteers and presenters that are staying overnight must pass the T.U. National background check.  Verification upon request.

Training Locations

open air cabins at fly camp

A variety  of training venues are available for academy classes and related activities.  Ranging in size and type from small outdoor  huts and two  group campfire rings to a  large multi roomed  Main Lodge.  All are  used to create  a fun place to learn.

small campfire ring at fly camp
main meeting room at fly camp


sleeping bunks at Panhandle Lake fly fishing academy

                                                                      There are seperate rooms for boys and girls, each with their own same sex ghillie.  Separate toilet and shower facilities are used.  Students need to bring their own sleeping bag, pillow, towels and toiletries.   

The Grounds

This private facility is on 500 acres of forested property ten miles west of Shelton, Washington.  Volleyball and basketball courts are available as well as a group BBQ hut.  There is a large lawn and new docks for casting practice and fishing.  There is a trail for exploring the forested shore area of the lake and a  way to discover numerous bank fishing locations when kids go out in pairs or with adult supervision.  

trail scene at fly camp

Casting-Swimming Area

view of panhandle lake from the dock

A large figure eight dock plus a 25′ boat launch provide both swimming and casting opportunities  A simple Swim Test in the shallows will be given to each student on day one in the presence of a  certified  lifeguard. Be prepared to see trout  in the area, it’s stocked a few weeks prior to camp.

Our Backyard

cascade mountains

Camp is in the shadow of the eastern Olympic Mountains.  The foothills  surrounding the academy boast good fishing in  the East Fork  of the Satsop River, Kennedy, Goldsborough, Bingham and Porter Creeks.   You’ll be shuttled to the  best local producers where you can put  your river  fly fishing  skills to the test.